I Feel Privileged

More than often, I feel very privileged to work with YAM. I get to attend awesome concerts, meet talented people and fall in love — with new music, new singers, new styles.

I have raved about Combo De La Musica before, how one listen made me fall deep for them, and I think I can claim myself to be one of their most ardent fans. Their lead singer, Kristin Amparo, is one heck of a singer and songwriter.

I was able to catch her live yesterday at Fasching and she was amazing as ever. It has been way too long since I saw her last and, well, I can’t ever get enough.

Old video, but you need to see how great she is.

Also yesterday, I sat down with the lovely guys of The Super Orchestra. It was just two days ago I wrote about them, fell in crush (is not love, not just yet, but it’s in good way) and now I’ve met them. This was the most laid back and funny interview I’ve had so far. Seeing as it was their first time doing one, it was all awkwardly cute.

Erik and Robin of The Super Orchestra. Picture by Lovisa Björck

Mad props to me for popping their interview cherry! Remember people, you heard them here first! :P

So much amazing music surrounds me, I feel so giddy and privileged. 2012 is already proving to be one heck of a year.



Music is all I do: I work in music, I write about music, I listen to music.

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