How a Show’s Success Changes Everything

Game of Thrones was the show that took the world by storm without anyone really expecting it. After the first season debuted back in 2011, the epic fantasy drama has gone on to become one of the biggest television hits ever seen. In fact, the show entered the Guinness Book of World Records in 2015 as the “most pirated television series” in history [1]! The show was an instant hit, and has since gone on to acquire more and more fans with each passing season.

The fifth season concluded earlier this year, and though -let’s be honest- it was pretty crappy, and fans can complain all they want, they will still sit through another new season, and another, until it ends, and we can all complain how later seasons didn’t compare to the first ones.


For the people who have been living under a rock for the past five years — like our editor Amy, and perhaps some others on our staff, Game of Thrones is set in a fictionalized version of Medieval Europe and follows several high profile families as they vie for the ultimate power– the Iron Throne and control over the whole of Westeros. Audiences thrilled at the political intrigue, sex, gore and unpredictability of every episode, with shocking character deaths setting social media alight on a regular basis.

But what exactly is it about the show that’s made it into such a success? In many ways, it has revolutionized the way that we watch television forever, and the craze is showing no signs of relaxing any time soon.


Of course, the fascination with the show has leaked into other aspects of our culture. We’ve all been invited to show our allegiances with a wealth of merchandise, from T-shirts branded with the various family mottoes and emblems, to key-chains and mugs. Naturally, it’s also become a part of gaming culture, from table top role playing to video games. It makes sense, the scope for the series means that it’s applicable to all kinds of media, and this includes online companies providing slots like Euro Palace. It’s not hard to see why merchandise and games like this appeal to people. For example, the video game series by Tell Tale Games (also behind The Walking Dead games), gives players the chance to play as their favorite characters and shape the story as they wish to see it. When it comes to video slots, you can enjoy fun bonus games that add an extra element of enjoyment and can even help you improve your chances of winning the bonus.

Plenty of online casinos are encouraging players to get guessing about Game of Thrones, and there’s a lot of guessing to be done. For one, there are a lot of opportunities to guess which characters are going to survive the next season and how many will fall to the sword like so many characters that have gone before. Of course, if you don’t fancy playing the guessing game, you can just immerse yourself into the world of Westeros through Euro Palace and make the weekly ritual of your favorite fantasy drama a little more exciting with some Game of Thrones Slots!

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