Have Yourself A Merry Movie Marathon


The first of these two may seem like your traditional holiday romance, but it’s actually far from it. Following the lives of eight couples in the weeks leading up to Christmas, Love Actually gives a look at just how aggravating, inspiring, and downright ridiculous love can be sometimes. Instead of sticking to your usual romcom format, Curtis focuses on all different kinds of love, be it paternal, platonic, or romantic. There are plenty of uplifting scenes, but it also presents some emotionally challenging moments that make for a bittersweet but endlessly entertaining experience.


A beast of an entirely different nature, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is probably one of the most criminally underrated dark comedies of the past decade. When a down-on-his-luck criminal (Downey Jr.) accidentally scores an acting job, he ends up in LA taking lessons from a gay private detective (Kilmer). Here, he meets a childhood friend (Monaghan) who drags him in to help find out who murdered her sister. This mixture of noir and comedy is chock full of witty, spitfire dialogue and plenty of f-bombs, and even though it takes place during the holidays, it’s far from your usual winter feature. Robert Downey Jr. and Val Kilmer are both drop dead hilarious here, making it an impressive debut for Shane Black.

These two strikingly different options offer a chance for anyone to have a good movie to watch this winter season, no matter what their personal tastes are. So if you’ve grown a little colder, sadder, or older, take a minute to put on a movie before your spirit falls again, and have a great holiday.

Juan Barquin

Just yer average twenty-something college student with no time on his hands who ends up watching (and writing) too many movies and shows for his own good.

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  1. amy says:

    I like Keira Knightley because of that “to me you’re perfect” scene.

  2. mirella says:

    I think I’ll try your suggestions since I fucking love the movies you suggested! I’ll also watch the usual Die Hard and Nightmare Before Christmas too though~

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