Chris Evans as a Comic Book hero: the smartass and the leader


The Team: I think as a team, The Fantastic Four work because they are almost family, a very dorky family; with all the pros and cons that working with such individuals mean. They know each other, their strenghts and weaknesses and when they fight with each other it doesn’t look serious even when it is. Also, as a member of the Fantastic Four, Johnny Storm gets away with things because he’s the youngest one who has snark battles with Ben Grimm. The Avengers on the other hand are a fairly new team in the movie, and while Steve Rogers has experiences with team-work as a soldier, both as a subordinate and as the leader, he surely doesn’t have experience commanding a team where half of them are not used to work under command or are Tony Stark. There’s a lot of tension and clashing personalities, and they don’t give each other slack because why should they, they aren’t family or even friends. They even start forming little cliques inside the team according to affinity, and that’s why it’s not surprising that they all go their sepparate ways at the end of the movie (and to give us more solo movies). The Fantastic Four stick together, for better or worse.


The Uniform: Chris Evans sure looks good in form-fitting blue. Both uniforms look slightly silly though. No worries, most superheroes don’t look dignified either. But in both cases, Evans looks better than he would do if they had him wearing exactly what the characters wear on the comic books. We even saw it in the case of poor Steve Rogers doing his USO tour. So Kudos to the costume design departments. Of course, the clothes also look good because of how he fills them. But Evans is Evans, and they also gave us a chance to see what he looks like underneath those stylish superhero duds~


The Fanservice: Let’s be real here, whether I liked the dude or not, Chris Evans was/is the king of fanservice. It’s not a surprise to see the dude shirtless in a movie. In the first movie I saw him in (Not Another Teen Movie), he had a scene where he was practically naked, with whipped cream being the only thing covering his virtue. Now, Johnny Storm has never been overly muscled in comics, possibly because he’s one of the younger heroes and he’s built for speed. Likewise, Evans as Johnny Storm had a decently proportioned body with trim muscles that was nice to look at while covered in a towel. On the other hand, while Steve Rogers is quite agile, he’s also built for strength. He is, after all, the pinnacle of human physical perfection. Chris Evans has always had a decent body (as far as movies are concerned), but he definitely worked his ass off to be Captain America. He also shaved his chest because pre-serum Steve Rogers would have looked funny with a chest full of hair with his skinny little self. Or so they told him.

My conclusion? Chris Evans does a decent job playing the hero. Specially when the hero is not acting like he’s full of it. If he keeps doing a good job as Cap in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and The Avengers 2, and the Fantastic Four reboot is better that his movies (which shouldn’t be hard to do), we can go on remember Evans as Steve Rogers.


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  1. Bubbawheat says:

    I didn’t have too much of a problem with him as the Human Torch, I often thought his little brother-style pranks on Ben Grimm were kind of funny. But he was amazing as Captain America, he really embodied that role more than anyone else I could think of. Thanks for joining in, it was great to read.

    • mirella says:

      @Bubbawheat, thank you! I admit I had some visceral dislike to the poor dude. The same I still feel for Ryan Reynolds and Ben Affleck (as an actor), and in lesser extend to Bradley Cooper. But Captain America came and now I find him cute. Not desirable, but cute. It’s totally the fault of his interpretation of Captain America, it made me turn 180 degress dammit.

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