An Ode To The Best Ship Ever: YunJae

It was very silly, really. I have never in my life felt this way for a couple as I did you. There was something about your chemistry that made me shiver, something about the way you would look at each other that made me swoon.

Oh, YunJae, how I sailed on your magnificent ship of sought-out love, painful truths and delusional fantasies. The delusions were great, the fangirls many and the fics racy.

Never have I devoted myself to your love as I did that faithful summer. I dreamed, I pondered and I wished. Wished that your love was true, wished that you would get married, wished that it was all true. Never has a word been as important to me: true. How I wanted it to be, how I cried for it to happen.

Yet we might never know the truth, it might all be the a ploy for popularity, the mere insanity of fangirls. But for a moment there I wanted it to be a reality that would make me happy. A reality that was more than the glitz of the game.

Oh, YunJae! The ship may have sunk, but there are some of us that anchor on. We want to believe that what we saw was true love, the one and only love of two handsome men. Will we ever know? Will we ever see the light? YunJae, all we know is the secrets in your smiles.

Part of the 2012 LGBT Blogathon.

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  1. Camiele says:

    dramatic sigh… yeah.

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