An Ode To Ellen Degeneres

Oh, funny maiden that once appeared on my TV screen! How I laughed, how I enjoyed, how I consumed.
With a great laugh, a great show and so many great moments. I adored thee like I adored jelly on cheese on toast.

My memories of your show are a little vague. I remember it being daylight as I watched. Often in my pyjamas and with a giddy bone in my body, your show was the one I followed with delight. Can’t really tell what it was that made me follow your show so dutifully. I often think it was you, the reason of my loyalty.

I remember there being a buzz when the puppy episode was about to come out. I had never really thought about gay characters on the TV that I loved. But when you came out and there we stood all watching like crazy, I remember thinking nothing about it and shrugging my young shoulders. You did not falter in my eyes, nor did you surge to the heavens. You were still the same Ellen.

It was sad when the show was cancelled because of the controversy. It was sad to see why people had issues with you loving the person that you love. In my young mind it was none of their business, who are they to judge? I feared I would never see you again on my television, and with that I forgot about the issue.

So it was with a pleasant smile and a feeling of content when your talk show started airing in my continent. I was happy to see you back on the screen making people chipper. After all, that is what you do best, maiden of joy. Your show grew and with it the happiness you spread to others. That is why I sing your praise as the woman I admire. You give many hope that it is all conquerable as long as you struggle, you give us all hope that one day it shall all not really matter.

I look up to you, oh maiden of laughter, since to me you are a champion.

Part of the 2012 LGBT Blogathon.


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