Amy’s Top50 Songs of 2014

2. Faye Wong (王菲) – Those Years Gone By (匆匆那年)

Last year, I said:

I’m not going to lie, as long as Faye Wong just releases one single track every couple of years, it’s very likely she will top my list of best songs.

No sooner said than done~ Faye released two tracks this year. First, Ai Bu Ke Ji (爱不可及) — which Adrienne has translated as Love Unattainable — the theme for the movie One Step Away (觸不可及) and later with this beauty of a song [1]. Both songs are a beauty, wanted to like them so much that I did my best not to butcher the songs with my translations xD

If I may say so, I think my Those Years Gone By translation turned out pretty good~

If goodbye can’t be solely red eyes, it’s also a blushing face
like that hasty year in which we forever carved together that beautiful rumor.
If the past is still worth yearning for, don’t be too hasty- let bygones be bygones.
Who would willingly not have someone to have and to hold?

We want to owe each other, otherwise how do we rely on the images of the past?

1. Sukhwinder Singh – Bismil – O Nightingale

Leave it to Vishal and Gulzar to dethrone my Queen Faye (with a Hamlet adaptation nonetheless) [1]. Though I’ve yet to watch Haider, Bismil possesses such a quality in rhythm and uniqueness that it gets me to sing along butchering the poor Hindi language in the process.

Of COURSE~ I wanted to be suave and cool by choosing the more contemporary and rocking Aao Na [clip], but Bismil floors me. It’s a song, but it also has a story and is an important point within the scope of the film. Vocally, instrumentally, and the rhythm- the theatrics of the piece just bring it home, really. You can listen to the full 6min. song (and the whole album) on Gaana #2. [Xiami].

So that’s it! Another year gone~ another 50 songs picked. I’ve made lists (as complete as possible) on Xiami and YouTube (for those who can’t access Xiami) for easy listening. I hope you like many of them and share them with others :)

Now tell me which songs have been stuck in your head this year~


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  1. Rodrigo says:

    No use of Real Estate’s “Had To Hear”? :(

    For Black Keys, I prefer “Weight of Love”.

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