Amy’s Top50 Songs of 2011

2. Stefanie Sun – Kingdom of Fools (愚人的國度)

I had never paid any attention to Stefanie Sun before this song, but there was something terribly heartbreaking in the arrangements and vocals for Kingdom of Fools that just captured me. It’s the big classical instrumentation and the vocals at breaking point. There’s something about the lyrics also, they’re simple but I think they carry a brutal truth in them… [1]

It has a verse that goes something like “All our happiness, sadness, joy and anger — have they exhausted you or have you given into them?

1. SingerSen – Drunk

Okay, picking just one single song from SingerSen’s Sirens EP was like hell, as it’s been on heavy rotation since I first listened to it. But I like the explosiveness of Drunk, SingerSen’s vocals are loud and pumps you for whatever it is you’re about to do, and its burned itself into my conscious and subconscious.

How about that? With the amount of Asian music that I listen to, I’m surprised this didn’t end up with 90% Asian music picks. I would say it’s pretty evenly distributed. Then again, my Top5 is super Asian — actually, it’s just super Chinese to show you how much music in Mandarin I’m listening to for the past few years, it’s probably increased a tenfold.

You will also notice the lack of a lot of rock music, though there is Melanie C (31), The Fevers (30), and some would say Sodagreen (27) and Mayday (26). At least, Tokyo Jihen you can’t say they’re pop. There’s also Miyavi, he isn’t pop either. As you can see from those few, I need my rock to have something else, be it some classical element, jazz or big band… or you know, a samurai guitar.

I also listen to a lot of ethnic music xD which is a weird contrast with how much pop I listen to.

Are you surprised with any of the picks or their position?

What are your top songs of 2011?


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  1. Julyssa says:

    Damn you and you fucking lists! Now I also want to do this! But thing is I have my Kpop list (btw, cus u did 50 here I am so doing 50 in that list) I don’t know man… gah!

    • amy says:

      @Julyssa, if you have 50 Kpop songs without repeat artists, go ahead. I just don’t want to see 3 or 4 2NE1 tracks in one list coz that’d be effing unfair xD I can’t wait when you give me your full thoughts on my pick songs though hahaha.

      Btw, I’m listening to all of Mana-chan’s album. It’s… not bad actually. But then again, how can someone effin hate an album that’s called Happy Smile! xD

      • Julyssa says:

        @amy, I think there’s only one artist that got a repeat and that is really cus I can’t pick between his two songs. All other are pretty much a-okay.

        You need to explain this Mana-chan hate cus for the love of me I don’t understand. What’s going on?

        • amy says:

          @Julyssa, like I told you- there’s a lot of people voting negative online. For the love of me, I don’t know how could anyone vote down one of her videos. LOL

          Are you gonna do a just Kpop list?

          • Julyssa says:

            @amy, Haters, really. I mean, she is the cutest child ever!

            I don’t know man. Like if I where to do this list almost of the songs I have on my Kpop list would end up here… haha I shall think about it. I think this is a more fun list. My Kpop list is giving me an ulcer!

      • Rodrigo says:

        @amy, Excessive happiness can be a major turn-off in the same way depressing stuff turns off shiny, happy people, lol.

        Listened to the song and it didn’t do anything for me.

      • Rodrigo says:

        @amy, Haven’t listened to all the tracks here yet (lazyness), but I’d remove the Mana Ashida song and/or Britney’s (or Beyonce) and replace them with Little Black Submarines (Black Keys) or Black (Danger Mouse feat. Norah Jones). Dunno if I would ever make a 2011 ranking of songs, but I would manage to somehow include the 2NE1 song if I ever got into doing a delayed ranking.

  2. Mirella says:

    Once again, I am only familiar with the 2NE1 song, I AM THE BEST :P
    That’s what I get for only listening to soundtracks (of any media, whether it is movies, series, anime or videogames) and folkloric music of the world :P

  3. Antoinette Barton says:

    I’m glad you put Florence in your countdown but I think Ceremonials has better songs than Shake It Out, for example What the Water Gave Me or Breaking Down but it’s your list.

    Btw, I just realize that you are, what we call in San Francisco, a straight up hipster.

    • amy says:

      @Antoinette Barton, why am I a hipster? More than 75% of the list is popular music… if anyone is a hipster here, it’s you ;P

  4. Eri says:


    I love your list! So many of my favorite artists on there!
    (Singer Sen, Stefanie Sun, Shang Wenjie, Evelyn Evelyn, Brown Eyed Girls, Tokyo Jihen, St. Vincent, 2ne1, Björk, Amanda Palmer, Kaela Kimura, After School, Marit Larsen, Those Dancing Days, Jane Zhang, Cœur de Pirate) !!!

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