Amy’s Top Songs of 2018

30. Red Velvet – Bad Boy

The song’s so good, I even like the English version. lol The line that says “Cause I know how to make the devil cry.” is fire.

29. IU – Bbibbi (삐삐) [MV]

28. Sunwoo Jung A / SWJA (선우정아) with Lim Heon-il – Fine (남) [Solo MV][Version w/ Lim Heon-il][Full version MV]

27. Eli Hsieh (謝震廷) – Artist’s Vacation (藝術家的假期)

26. Su Yunying (苏运莹) – And U? (你也是吗)

I’m mad excited that Su Yunying’s coming up with a new album, but slightly disappointed that it wasn’t released this year. However, watch Sony release this on the last day of 2018, and not letting us know until March next year [shade]. THE SHADE.

In And U?, Sue Su collaborated with my favorite Chang Shilei [low-key promo for Niu China] to take Sue out of her magic realist fantasy sound, and making her sound wicked.

25. Gesu no Kiwami Otome (ゲスの極み乙女。) – White Waltz (ホワイトワルツ(adult ver.)) [audio]

24. HYUKOH (혁오) – Citizen Kane [1]

23. Second Hand Rose (二手玫瑰) – I Want to Bloom (我要开花)

22. Suiyoubi no Campanella (水曜日のカンパネラ) – The Bamboo Princess (かぐや姫)

21. Tanya Chua (蔡健雅) – Testament (遺書) [LV]


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  1. Alvin Kuo says:

    I always like the variety of music present on your list. Keep doing the good work in spreading good music, especially Asian, to new listeners out there. I have hopes for Tan Weiwei and Liang Bo continue to develop the Chinese music traditions, as there are plenty of Western elements like electronic and rap music developing as well. BTW I would be remiss to mention that I am also a huge Faye Wong fan, so I wondered what you think of the other theme songs she released this year?

    • amy says:

      I wasn’t a big fan of the theme songs she’s released this year, I think they come below the quality of songs such as 匆匆那年 or 致青春. They didn’t even feel as memorable as 爱不可及 or 清风徐来. I’m looking forward to Tan Weiwei giving Faye a run for her money when releasing theme songs xD Also, in case you missed it like me, Sony did release Su Yunying’s album, Fantasy 幻. It come out about 10 days ago without much fanfare. It’s already available on iTunes, so I supposed it should also be available on Spotify. I wished I knew about this then lol There’s a bunch of great songs in it, and definitely could sneak in my list of favorite albums. ToT

      • Alvin Kuo says:

        Yeah I listened to su tinting’s new album. Better in terms of the direction the music is heading. Her first album wasn’t that great.

        Also Sandy lam released a new album with her old producer on Gaia. Seems like she is trying Faye Wong’s ethereal style.

        Yeah Faye’s theme songs aren’t as catchy but I think feature her best singing in the past few years. Also did you check out her variety show Phantacity? She and her daughter did mv like short movies.

        • Amy says:

          :O Are you kidding? I loved 苏苏’s first album. Probably my favorite that year, even thought Sony took like 3 months before I got to know it was out. I did see Faye’s Phantacity, I loved her performance on it, but I really can’t see through Chinese varieties xD I saw hers and Sarah Brightman’s episode. Faye’s daughter’s performance was pretty good too, but I went to check out her music afterwards, and wasn’t into it.

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