Amy’s Favorite 100 Actresses



From left to right.- 100. Machiko Ono (JP, ’81), 99. Deepika Padukone (IN, ’86), 98. Emma Stone (US, ’88), 97. Jennifer Lawrence (US, ’90), 96. Fan Bing Bing (CN, ’81), 95. Li Bing Bing (CN, ’73), 94. Mary-Louise Parker (US, ’64), 93. Bérénice Bejo (AR-FR, ’76), 92. Dakota Fanning (US, ’94).

Before you gasp wondering why J.Law or Emma Stone are placing below Dakota, it’s because Dakota has made it to her 20s after being THE child actress of the early noughties. I think she’s earned her turf.

At #100, Machiko Ono has been making movies for a while and finally hit it big last year with a Koreeda film, so I’m hoping she gets play as good characters as she gets to do on the small screen. And just edging her out a bit it’s Deepika Padukone who had the year of her life last year.



91. Kirsten Dunst (US, ’82), 90. Sakura Ando (JP, ’86), 89. Rosario Dawson (US, ’79), 88. Juhi Chawla (IN, ’67), 87. Divya Dutta (IN, ’71), 86. Gwyneth Paltrow (US, ’72), 85. Gianna Jun (KR, ’81), 84. Olivia Thirlby (US, ’86), 83. Ellen Page (CA, ’87).

No objections yet?

I think if given the chance- Juhi, Divya, Gianna, Thirlby and Page can shine (and go up in ranking)… but they really need’em roles. Sakura Ando has already proven she can be completely off the hook, now if only she’d keep that energy and not focus solely on those silent thoughtful Japanese dramas.


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  1. great list! You even included more than a few I had forgotten to suggest!

    • amy says:

      @Diandra Rodriguez, and more names started popping up after I settled for the photos. Namely… Anna Kendrick xD and Vera Farmiga.

  2. Ghost Writer says:

    Well, #1 is a surprise that comes from nowhere.

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