Amy’s Blast from the Past: Tokyo Jihen Meets Super Xuxa~

I was reading Make Believe Melodies’ Best Jpop of 2012 Halfway Through report, when I got surprised by one of the clips. A Tokyo Jihen track… in a fan-made video featuring freaking Xuxa. Please. It made my day. xD

Xuxa, she’s a Latin American staple of our childhood [Ilarie, clip]. If you’re Latin American — Portuguese or Spanish speaker — you’d better know the lyrics to Ilarie by heart. BY HEART. I don’t think there was ever another one quite like Xuxa in children’s entertainment, though Nubeluz was close to getting there…

ANYWAY. The clips in the fan-made video above come from a 1988 film starring Xuxa as Xuxa, called Super Xuxa Contra o Baixo — “o Baixo” seems to be translated as “low,” “under,” or “bottom” — with the English title of Super Xuxa Versus Satan (lame).

The track isn’t quite a Blast from the Past, being the song sa_i_ta from Tokyo Jihen’s last studio work, color bars [Xiami].


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  1. The concept alone is blowing my mind.

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