Amy’s Blast from the Past: The First, Like Hanson All Over Again

This is kind of a “boy set,” did you know we were girls?
Where’s all the flowers and sh*t?

I began listening to Tegan and Sara, maybe back in 2007 when they released The Con. Back then, I took the time and got all their albums up to Under Feet Like Ours, which was released back in 1999, but I never took the time to actually look them up on YouTube, because that place had been a mess of music videos until recently when distributors and labels (and VEVO, yuck) have been taking down clips and uploading their own… to make some sort of sense of the vast worldwide videography.

Today, while browsing Tegan and Sara’s channel for the release of their latest single Closer [MV] from their upcoming album Heartthrob, I saw (for the very first time) their video for The First, in which they sport… a rather early millennium boy-look that immediately took me back to Hanson’s early days, when a LOT of boys fell for Taylor Hanson~

Who can blame us/them???

Taylor was/is sooooo pretty to look at.

How time flies by.


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  1. Mirella says:

    LOL my BFF back then was totally in love with Taylor XD
    Some classmate of ours called her lesbian for that :P

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