Amy’s Blast from the Past: Que Bonita Vecindad Gangnam Style

Another fandom crossover!

Any Latin American by heart has grown up watching this 1970s Mexican series known as El Chavo del Ocho. Created by Roberto Gómez Bolaños, and first broadcast in 1972, the series has been re-broadcast multiple numbers of times (in Spanish and Portuguese) and has even been “revived” with a lame-ass animated version [1], which doesn’t even have the same warmth that this choppy — but very loved — stop-motion 1979 intro.

Of course, it didn’t take long for El Chavo del Ocho to crossover with everyone’s now favorite of the moment invisible horse rider Psy and the — at the moment — most liked video on YouTube (with over 2M Likes).

Also… who figured the dancing in El Chavo del Ocho would fit Gangnam Style so perfectly???


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  1. Mirella says:

    ‘Tis a thing of beauty XD

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