Amy’s Blast from the Past: I Know 20 Years of Nan Arayo

Seo Taiji, often called Korea’s Michael Jackson — though lacking in dancing swag, totally makes up with music knowledge — is celebrating 20 years of his debut, which happens to be Nan Arayo (난 알아요), from back when he looked just like this:

Shocking, huh?

Many artists would be embarrassed of looking pseudo-ghetto — heck, I’m embarrassed when I look back on my high school photos — but very much like MJ himself embraced his I Want You Back days [1], Seo Taiji ain’t ashamed of his very varied musical background, which includes dabbling with nu metal and rock, just as much as it does hip hop, R&B, and pop.

In fact, he did a very kick-ass arrangement of the song for the Seo Taiji Symphony concert, which made me think that Nan Arayo was possibly the deepest song ever, considering the way fans were singing along to the song.

Can you believe those two ARE THE SAME SONG???

Anyway, Seo Taiji released a not-a-Flashmob video shot on July 28th at CGV Yeongdeungpo, where they sing one of my favorite tracks — October 4th (10월 4일) — from his 2004 album Issue. The clip ends with the announcement that something will be released on August 18th. Can’t wait.

— EDIT —

On December 20th, Seo Taiji released a preview of his compilation SEOTAIJI [&] 20, which contains 17 tracks released throughout his career — available on iTunes, as well as two physical 2-disc DVD versions from YesAsia: with a Folded Poster or a Poster Tube.


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