Amy’s Blast from the Past: Fijate Bien Donde Pisas

To celebrate Juanes’ turn on MTV Unplugged this coming weekend~ How many of you followed him prior to his A Dios Le Pido [MV] days? I’ve seen people complain about how Juanes doesn’t have the same lyrical prowess he used to have with singles like Fijate Bien.

It’s just really hard to compete with a song that talks about people that have been displaced by war, with lyrics that go:

They’ve taken what you’ve got,
They’ve taken away today’s bread,
They’ve kicked you out of your land
and it doesn’t seem like it ends here.

Taken away from your house,
you go to the city aimlessly,
you’re the son of the nothing,
you’re the life that goes away.

It’s the children, it’s the old people,
it’s the mothers, it’s all of us, walking
and don’t you ever forget this, no, no, no.

Look where you’re stepping on,
look when you’re walking,
don’t let a mine
ruin your feet…

I don’t know who is the owner
of your life or mine,
I just know that there’s a story
that doesn’t seem to end here.

Like  they say in the papers,
and like they say on TV,
and like they say on the radio,
that doesn’t seem to end here.


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