All my bags are packed now, I’m ready to go~

Hey, guys!

I’m just getting into the final details of my packing. I’m heading off to Taiwan and Seoul (with a brief stop in LA, too!)!!! In the meantime~

All YAM Magazine activities will be handled by Julyssa, with the YAM minions: Rodrigo and Camiele. In the case of urgent contact (HELP, MY HOUSE IS BURNING kind of urgent), I suggest you email Julyssa directly instead of the regular YAM Magazine mail.

I’ll be back to regular (hectic) posting schedule on March 30.

Unless I run into something REALLY awesome in any city in Taiwan or something REALLY awesome happens in Seoul.

Also~ don’t forget that The 2012 Korean Film Blogathon hosted by NewKoreanCinema and cineAWESOME! begins March 5, and it ends on March 11. I have already scheduled some posts for those days… so I won’t be “completely” gone. I can’t BELIEVE I’m missing it. I promise I will, at least, try to visit a movie theater in Seoul.

Anyway, have fun blogging!


YAM Magazine editor, photographer, blogger, translator and part-time web designer. Film junkie, music junkie… and lately series (a.k.a. TV) junkie.

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  1. March 5, 2014

    […] mi viaje a Taiwan [1], en dónde vi a TaeYeon animando cantidad de shows de variedades, sucumbí en contra de mis deseos […]

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