A Life in Music Memories

I continued with this type of genre during the early 2000s, but it developed into more 80s rock classics. At this point I listened to a lot of power ballads performed by bands like Europe, Skid Row, White Lion and Def Leppard.

That type of rock later, in 2006, developed into even older and more classic rock. I started listening to bands like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Judas Priest. Some years later I found another of my favorite bands — Rush. For you who don’t know about Rush, it is a power trio from Canada playing a unique type of progressive rock with clever lyrics and astonishing music to back them up. Each of the three members of Rush is extremely good at their instruments and that is what captured my interest, I guess. This is one of my favorite songs (listen to the bass… it’s sick):

Even though it seems that way, rock is not the only genre that speaks to me. I have always tried to keep an open mind to music and have always tried to understand all types of music. Soul and Funk are genres that mean a lot to me. I love almost everything that Anthony Hamilton or D’Angelo has made, but there are also Swedish legends that haven’t gotten the spotlight they deserve;

But it’s funny, for me, a lot of the music I have listened to during my whole life has stuck, and keeps popping up whenever I do a playlist. Just now I am working on a playlist for my upcoming wedding later this summer, and what do we find there? Sven Ingvars – Två mörka ögon, the dance band music that I was so embarrassed about earlier. I keep telling myself that it’s there for the old people to dance to, but it’s probably my old taste in music that has affected my selection.

If you are using Spotify, you can listen to the songs of my life HERE

By Peter Andersson

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