A Life in Music Memories

By Peter Andersson

One of my first music memories is when I was about five or six years old. I really wished for this memory to be a cool and memorable first meeting with music, but unfortunately it’s not. The first thing I ever started to listen to and started to like was dance band music. If you have never heard of it, I won’t blame you, and you seriously have not missed anything. Dance band music is the kind of music that corny old people listen and dance to, here let me give you a taste:

In normal fashion, my brother and my cousin used to tease me for listening to that kind of music as they sat in a corner with big headphones listening to Van Halen.  Quite quickly I moved on from listening to dance band music and started listening to whatever, searching for a music genre that was just for me. I had a brief Michael Jackson era like any other kid, but it felt like I wanted something more personal, something that spoke to me.

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