5 Pro Tips for Streaming Media on the Go

The ability to stream media while on the go is essential on our fast-paced modern world. The ability to play video games anywhere, watch your favorite movies or television shows on platforms like Netflix or Hulu during long commuter train commutes, or listen to your favorite streaming music service, like Spotify or Amazon Music, throughout the work day is a gift.

You may run into some challenges, though, in terms of enjoying seamless streaming. Thankfully, there are plenty of workarounds to smooth out any possible issues and enjoy your favorite streaming entertainment, anywhere you go, via your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

1. Download the Respective App

While you can use many streaming media services via your mobile browser, you will find it far simpler and more enjoyable to download the designated app to your smartphone or tablet. You often run into issues with plug-ins like Silverlight and overall playback stability. An all-in-one media streaming app, like Plex, can help you easily run your favorite streaming news, sports and more, from one central app, according to Advent.

2. Connect to a Mobile Hotspot

Multitasking at your local café or park can turn into a multimedia adventure when you tap into your tethering capabilities. You can turn any venue into a mobile hotspot with the right gear, so you can use all that saved up data from your plan to enjoy listening to your favorite music while finishing a big project. The Alcatel LINKZONE™ 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot is just one device that will help keep you thoroughly entertained while hammering away at a looming deadline. This particular lightweight and portable hotspot allows you to connect to up to 15 devices at once, and you can easily manage them all through the web interface.

3. Invest in Necessary Upgrades

The painful truth is that sometimes your gear isn’t up to the challenges of streaming. Whether your smartphone is several years old and only has 4-gigabytes of storage, or your PC laptop hails from the XP era, you are going to need to invest a little more into your entertainment. Think about the various apps you may need to download on your phone, as well as the screen size and resolution and you probably know whether your smartphone is up to the tasks you have in mind. The same holds true for your aging laptop that may have a lower screen resolution and generally less operating power.

4. Watch Live TV Through the Internet

Many people may not yet realize how easy it is to tune into live television programming. The best part is that you don’t need a tuner to tune in. Find a program, such as the TunerFreeMCE, that adds itself into a platform like Windows Media Center, which makes it possible to stream programs from locations like the BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, Channel 5 and 4OD via the internet. This program blends perfectly with the Windows Media software, allowing you to find your favorite programs and live broadcasts.

5. Limit the Devices When Necessary

Whether using your phone plan’s hotspot feature or a public Wi-Fi connection, you may find that you encounter a slow-down, poor connectivity and lots of buffering. Perhaps it is lunchtime or the dinner hour?

Never fear, try limiting your devices to the most essential until everything is back up and running at full capacity, and you won’t need to miss a moment of your favorite streaming content.

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