Author: ROXY


Kalafina – After Eden

As a whole After Eden is a very dramatic album with great moments and magnificent composition. The variety of rhythms and styles will surely impress you.


SM Town in New York 2011

After traveling all over the world, hitting 7 different international locations since 2010, the famous SM Town Live finally made it to New York City. Whether you’re a fan of a few or all SM Entertainment artists you should not miss out on this magnificent concert. It’s making K-Pop history all over the world.


Misia – Soul Quest

When I close my eyes and listen to Misia’s Soul Quest I see the beauty in melancholy. But that’s only one of the many places her music can take you. This is the quest for one’s soul made into an album.


Gazette, The – Vortex

A mix of traditional Visual Kei style with a dash of electro and a pinch of seductive. Vortex is yet another great addition to the already amazing The GazettE discography.


2NE1 – Ugly

Breaking out of the cage, kicking insecurity in the face and spray painting the world with your own colors is what 2NE1 advises us with this empowering video.


Ghost in the Shell

Amongst all this new technology: What makes us human? How do we measure our existence? Ghost in the Shell invites you to ask yourself just that.



Shortbus is that little talk your parents never gave you. Explore life’s most complex form of pleasure through the eyes of these characters as they discover it themselves.


Ma Vie en Rose

Ludovic Febre has decided, at the early age of 7, that God must have accidentaly trashed the X chromosome that would make him a girl. A simple scientific mistake. He believes one day he’ll gain back his X and become a beautiful woman.