Author: Julyssa

Lune – Blood to Play 0

Lune – Blood to Play

Blood To Play is a little different from the Lune I heard last year. It’s a little faster and a little rock and roll. It’s not bad, it’s pretty interesting, that is for sure.


Kpop and Concepts

Kpop is all about the visuals. Sometimes the visuals are amazing and other times… well more than often, I scratch my head at some of the style concepts Kpop groups go through.


Combo De la Musica – Why EP

What is so amazing about Combo De La Musica? Pretty much everything: their sound, their lyrics, the energy they give on stage, the way they make you want to dance and Kristin Amaparo’s voice. Combo De La Musica is everything that is amazing about music, everything that inspires joy in music.