Author: Julyssa


Brave Girls – Do You Know

Yet another girl group that debuts in Korea, but this time around it’s not overly candy-sweet! Brave Girls are the product of famous Korean producers The Brave Brothers. They released their debut single on March 7th.



LOST and FOUND was the debut of singer IU on the Korean music scene. For a then 15-year-old, the sound and style of this album is more mature than her age. A great mini that showcases the amazing vocal talent IU possesses.

My Princess 0

My Princess

Orphan Sol Lee finds out she is of royal decent. Shoking news that brings on the opportunity of a life time. But the road to the throne is not an easy one.

Take That/Fake That – Happy Now 1

Take That/Fake That – Happy Now

On this year’s Red Nose Day, Take That and “Fake That” got together to make sketches to raise money for charity. They have now released the MV for Happy Now, a song from Take That’s latest album Progress.