Author: Juan Barquin

Kiss of the Damned 0

Kiss of the Damned

Xan Cassavetes’ feature debut is a classy little throwback to the seventies that doesn’t exactly rise from a dead story.


Upstream Color

Shane Carruth delivers a sophomore feature that’s an emotional powerhouse with as much metaphysical prowess as any Malick or Tarkovsky film.


Lords of Salem, The

Rob Zombie’s attempt to make a film with truly nightmarish qualities fails with a lame narrative and a poor grip on good surrealism.


Maniac (2012)

Franck Khalfoun mixes the sleekness of modern French cinema with the good old-fashioned low budget horror of the eighties.


Pain & Gain

Michael Bay may have finally made a fun and self-aware film, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still stuffed full of tasteless comedy.


Waltz with Bashir

Waltz with Bashir melds together documentary and narrative in order to present this disassociation between memory and reality for veterans long after the war.


Host, The (2013)

Even with a solid concept to work with, Andrew Niccol does nothing to improve Stephenie Meyer’s messy and boring tale of aliens and kissing.