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Take Care of my Cat

Take Care of my Cat is a movie about friendship, where five girls share a bond full of passion, as they just graduated from high school.


Making The Music [part 1]

Hello YAMmies! My name is Lisah and I am about to record an EP. The lovely people of YAM wanted me to share my journey with you — from idea, recording, production and then the final product. So follow me behind the scenes of the making of my music! s


Dirty Bass: Interview with Far East Movement

Peter interviewed Far East Movement before their Stockholm concert with LMFAO. They shared some crazy stories from their many tours, talk about their inspiration and gave YAM exclusive information about their upcoming album Dirty Bass.


Chang-rae Lee – Aloft

Chang-rae Lee’s prose is so lyrical, he could build grocery shopping up as the epicenter of a crisis in singularity, transform clipping toenails into an existential quandary, and make sorting the recycling a prophecy of something tragic in the Greek sense of the word.


Kapten Röd – Stockholm, Sweden 2012

Swedish Reggae is a genre as unthinkable as German Salsa or something like that. Nevertheless, Kapten Röd (Captain Red in English) is one of the most popular new artists in Sweden right now.


Tove Styrke – Stockholm, Sweden 2012 – Debaser

As I entered the small and dark club Debaser, the place was already packed with people. The show had sold out and some unlucky fans without a ticket had to return home. In front of the stage, the Tove Styrke fan club in their signed white T-shirts were waiting anxiously for their idol to take the stage.


Haruki Murakami – After Dark

In After Dark, Murakami masterfully concocts a tale of everyday minutiae with a healthy splash of fantastical suspense, topped off with a twist of hard-boiled crime, and garnished with some supernatural angst – shaken, not stirred.