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Planet of Snail

Have you ever thought about not being able to use one of your essential senses? The Planet of Snail allows the audience to see life from another perspective.


An Ode To The Best Ship Ever: YunJae

Oh, YunJae, how I sailed on your magnificent ship of sought-out love, painful truths and delusional fantasies. The delusions were great, the fangirls many and the fics racy.



Dromómanos is a story about people who have a mental or physical disability called Dromomanía, an uncontrollable psychological urge to wander. Is it because they failed in society or were their lives originally like this? Or maybe it’s simply their fate to collect parts of a life someone else has thrown out?


Interview with Michael Kiwanuka

The new rising soul legend, Michael Kiwanuka, is currently on tour promoting his new album Home Again. Critics all around the world have been amazed by the talent this 24-year-old has. YAM got a chance to see him as he played in Stockholm on this sunny spring day.