Author: YAMMag Guest


Dan Wells – I am Not a Serial Killer

John Wayne Cleaver is not a serial killer… but he’s obsessed with them. Plagued by sociopathic tendencies, he finds himself both fascinated by their history and worried he might follow in their footsteps.


deadmau5 – 4×4=12

deadmau5 is Toronto’s king of the house music scene, his music familiar to club kids worldwide. So how does 4×4=12 stack up against the repetitive drone of recycled beats of every other mundane DJ?


Beyoncé – 4

On 4, Beyoncé belts it out like her life depended on it — she may come off a little excessive, but it’s nice to see a little glimmer of soul once in a while.


Run Lola Run

A woman sets out to get 100,000 DM in twenty minutes in order to save her boyfriend’s life.


Art of Getting By, The

An angsty and slacking loner meets the complicated love of his life. Their story makes up an interesting coming-of-age romance.



Drei is an uncategorizable venture into love, sexuality, and coping between a couple and a loner.