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The Stupid Things… 0

The Stupid Things…

Okay. This is one of those moments in my life in which I’m just so completely overcome with emotion that if I don’t get it out I may very well lose my mind.

Elle Varner – Refill 0

Elle Varner – Refill

The second single from R&B newcomer Elle Varner’s debut Perfectly Imperfect has just been released. The video captures the newness of love, the wide-eyed, inexperience of falling for the first time.


Nneka – Soul is Heavy

Nneka’s Soul is Heavy is split between the socio-political arc that her previous albums have taken and the ever-present heartache of love.


Anthony David – As Above So Below

On the one hand, we have an album that’s what anyone would expect from any R&B artist trying to “break the mold”; however, it’s so much more when one scratches the painful sore of the surface.

J Dilla – Music’s Prodigal Son 0

J Dilla – Music’s Prodigal Son

Sometimes we find ourselves at the point between inspiration and concept where the music that we come across just defies everything we know about modern sound. One such prophet of soundscape is J Dilla.