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the-book-of-life-animation-diego-luna-ana-de-la-reguera-still 2

Book of Life (Animated Film), The

Tired of his ruling of the grim Land of the Forgotten, Xibalba makes a wager with Catrina, the ruler of the colorful Land of the Remembered, on a visit to the Land of the Living on the Day of the Dead where they meet the son of a local hero and the musical son of a bullfighting family, both in love with the same girl.

seo-taiji-christmalowin-mv-band 2

Seo Taiji – Christmalo.win MV

Following the release of Sogyeok-dong (소격동), Seo Taiji releases the much awaited Jack Skellington/Pumpkin King inspired music video for Christmalo.win (크리스말로윈,) directed by Zanybros.

seo-taiji-sogyeok-dong-mv-iu-version 3

IU x Seo Taiji – Sogyeok-dong

The father of modern Kpop Seo Taiji collaborates with IU for the release of the ethereal synth Sogyeok-dong (소격동), a central neighborhood in South Korea, home to a military agency that forced college students to undertake moral education during the 80s.

kill-dil-trailer 0

Kill Dil Trailer

Kill Dil follows the lives of two killers sheltered and nurtured by Bhaiyaji, until the free-spirited Disha enters their lives.