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Faye Wong – The Breeze Blows Gently

Faye Wong is in charge of the main theme song for the upcoming Chinese comedy Lost in Hong Kong (港囧) with The Breeze Blows Gently (清风徐来), a song written and composed by Zhao Yingjun (赵英俊).

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What the actual… 2EYES – PIPPI

When the news that 2EYES were going to release a single called PIPPI I thought: Okay, I will not say anything until the song and video are out.

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SHINee – Married to the Music

After one of the best pop albums of 2015, SHINee releases the repackage, album Married to the Music, and Julyssa and I decided to gush a little bit.

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Nero – Two Minds

British electronic trio Nero continues promoting their upcoming studio album, Between II Worlds, with the release of Two Minds in a romance sci-fipocalyptic music video directed by Greg Jardin.

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RHODES & Birdy – Let It All Go

Prepping for his debut album titled Wishes, British singer songwriter RHODES has released the latest single, Let It All Go, a collaboration with Birdy directed by Sing J. Lee.