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Post Tenebras Lux

Post Tenebras Lux is a semi-autobiographical film by Carlos Reygadas that was made purposely to baffle us, being presented as a sort of a bizarre dream.

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Passion (2012)

De Palma throws in a couple of edgy elements to this remake of a French film. Instead, of course, Passion can’t even excel in what the other did right.

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Crime d’Amour (2010)

Kristin Scott Thomas plays Christine as a mean b!tch who likes to play around with people, until she meets her perfect assistant Isabelle.

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Something in the Air (French Film)

Set in the turbulent France of the early 70’s, Olivier Assayas’ Après Mai focuses on Gilles, a young radical high-school boy whose time is basically spent in riotous student movements, painting, and amorous relationships.