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Autoerotique – Asphyxiation (NSFW)

In this slightly NSFW music video directed by Amos LeBlanc, a group of strategically-nude turned scarcely dressed women are ready for some intense dodgeball action against a group of men who are almost -nearly- equally scarcely dressed.

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Fingering (Thai Film)

Early in the year, a Thai film/short caused some ruckus when it launched its trailer onto the web, as it appeared to be about a tomboi named Chaeng who seems unable to satisfy her girlfriend Mi.

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CL – The Baddest Female

South Korean girl group 2NE1’s badass CL has released her single and music video for The Baddest Female (나쁜 기집애), which was directed by Seo Hyun Seung.

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Maroon 5 – Love Somebody

Maroon 5 released their latest single titled Love Somebody with a good-looking paint-related music video directed by Rich Lee. Withotu fail, it also includes Adam Levine groping his female star.

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So Young (Chinese Film)

College days, friendships, and falling in and out of love as years pass by, friendships fade, reunions happen, connections are rekindled; all in the name of nostalgia.

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Way to Go, Ayu~

Celebrating now 15 years in her career, Hamasaki is one of the few Japanese artists that are putting social media to good use — and to celebrate with her fans, she’s uploaded her yearly New Year countdown concert on YouTube.